Schedule and Pricing

Weekly lesson times are currently available on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  Each lesson is 1/2 hour and the tuition is $80 per month with any missed lesson credited to the following month at the rate of $20 per lesson.  Barring an emergency situation, please notify a day in advance of any missed lesson.

Qualifications and Experience

I have two degrees plus graduate work in Music Education with over 45 years experience as a saxophone teacher.  I have mastery of the saxophone in all it’s expressions from classical to jazz and blues to novelty stylings.  No matter your experience or interests, I can help you bring your playing to a higher level of effectiveness.  Please contact me with your specific situation so we can discuss how to proceed.

Teaching Philosophy and Style

I teach students to practice and improve the same way I achieved success.  Daily warm ups, scales, sight reading and solo preparation are all crucial to success.  All students are expected to own a copy of “Universal Method For The Saxophone” by Deville.  Other optional materials may be recommended depending on the student’s specific needs and goals.  I encourage students to develop their own sound and original ideas along with a great deal of listening and study of the performances of the great players in various genres.  I also believe in the advantage of the technology we have today with the use of computer software that enhances the learning experience.  Again, please feel free to contact me with specific questions.

Saxophone Lessons

Ted Brown Music, Richland, Wa