Senior Recital - Troy University    (August 1971)

In my college career I worked diligently to develop a concert saxophone tone quality and technique, resulting in a unanimous A+ grade for my senior recital.  The “Altissimo” notes were still quite new to me and not always on pitch but at the time I was just relieved I played them all.  These recordings were made with an old Wurlitzer reel to reel tape and have a bit of noise in them but they represent some highly cherished memories.  My amazing piano accompanist was Ms. Sarah Ann Whaley, piano instructor at Troy University.

Concerto in Eb - Glazunov

Concertino Da Camera - Ibert

Second Prelude - Gershwin

Rumba - Whitney

Guntersville High School   - Guntersville, AL (1978)

An improvised performance as guest soloist with the Wallace Community College Jazz Ensemble.

“Through The Eyes Of Love”

      (Theme From Ice Castles)

All recordings on this page were performed on the King Super 20 Silversonic alto sax with either a King Super 20 mouthpiece or a Bari metal mouthpiece.